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Computer malfunctions can be so frustrating. Any abnormality in your computer can affect its performance. Finding a reliable computer technician is an immediate solution that will come into your mind.

Welcome to Mac4Geek.Com!

 Mac4Geek offers computer repair, sales and services in Long Beach and South Gate, California. We’ve been in the computer industry for years before we decided to put up our two branches in CA. Our group of technicians has the knowledge and skills in computer hardware, software, and IT solutions.

Computer problems range from minor to major setting. Mac4Geek has experienced technicians specialize in system administration, data recovery, information system, virus clean up, PC repair, hardware replacement, software repair,  and other related services.

  • Hardware Repair

When we talk about computer hardware repair, the technician will work on five major categories of hardware including desktop computers, servers, computer clusters, laptops and mobile computing. Occasionally, technicians also work with the following range of peripherals:

Input devices

  •   scanners

  •   mice

  •   keyboards


Output devices

  •   speakers

  •   printers

  •   displays


Data Storage Devices

  •   internal hard drives

  •   external hard drives

  •   disk arrays

Networking Hardware

  •   routers

  •   switches

  •   fiber optics

  •   wireless networks

Software Repair

At Mac4Geek, our repair technicians protect your computer data and settings when possible so that after repair the user can use the device with no hassle  and interruptions. Software repair may take only for few minutes to an hour. Our various software packages include installing, uninstalling, and reinstalling.

Excellent Customer Service

Here at Mac4Geek, we believe that a good computer repair shop should be able to complete the job within 1 to 3 hours.  Our years experience in the gadget repair trade made us the most skilled computer repair shop with same day computer repair services on the following services:

  •   mobile device repairs

  •   laptop repairs

  •   personal computer repairs

  •   iPad and tablet repairs

  •   console repairs

  •   Macbook and Macbook air repairs

Repair Service Specialties for All Brand of PCs, Laptops and Tablets

  •   Hardware Diagnostics

  •   Screen Replacement

  •   Adware, Spyware, and Virus Removal

  •   Upgrade/Hard Drive New

  •   Upgrade/Ram Installation

  •   Operating System Installations

  •   Wireless troubleshooting

  •  computer maintenance

Buy and Sell Service

Mac4Geek also buy and sell Mac desktop, laptop, and computer peripheral devices for reasonable prices.  We purchase functional mobile devices, used, gently used, and even non-working Macbook, iMac, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Macbook air and etc.


Selling your gadget with us is easy, safe, and free. There is no hidden cost in our buying and selling services.  Don't throw away your electronic gadget if you think they are not working anymore. Sell it to us and get equivalent cash for it. Make some money out of your old laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

For your laptops, PCs, and mobile problems, Mac4Geek has the technical solutions. Call us now! All of our technicians have good customer service skills. There are times that problem cannot be solved quickly and needs further diagnosis. Rest assured that your valuable gadget will be safe with us.